1st Producer Series | Retro Indie Beats | Indie Sonics

Unique experimental electronic elements, using analog synthesis, electric bass/guitar, and dusty crate digger finger pickin’ soundscapes. All using original recordings and samples. This new record takes charge with strong piano/keys ear-catching lead melodies and lo-fi 90’s beat-cut inspiration. Charming the listener across melancholy moods, and upbeat tempos. Perfect for an ambient Mars Rover Breakdance Session. Written by Alex Fitts & David Sanderson.

Sunset Pop - Home of Happy / BMG

Indie Hipster - Home of Happy / BMG

Blue Horizons - Lo Editions / UPPM

late nite lofi - Home of Happy / BMG

nite therapy - Lo Editions  / UPPM

1-2-3-4 EP8 - Lo Editions / UPPM

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