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Copyright & Digital Rights Workshop

A workshop from an artists perspective into the world of rights, what do we need to know and how do we enforce and protect our copyrights as creators online.
Exploring the big 3 topics Underlying Composition Rights, Sound Recording and Neighbouring Rights, a workshop for beginners and intermediate creators looking to organise & strategies a song portfolio.
Exploring the unique world of Digital Rights Management on YouTube, for music and visual media content.

Montag, 27 November, 2023 - 14:00 bis Dienstag, 28 November, 2023 - 18:00House of Music, Revaler Str. 99, RAW Gelände

Sprache: Englisch, Preis: 35 €

UBM 2498 / EAN 4260179145568

Teaming up with Berlin based Label UBM for Six blissed-out tracks featuring washed-out melodic vocals and chunky cosmic retro analog synths. Layered with glistening astral sounds. Set to strong dynamic beats, this album is heavy on nostalgia but still feels contemporary and glossy. Filled with functional catchy melodies, it brings an optimistic feel to your production. Full download complete with stems.


Eat A Peach - Lo Editions UPPM

A summer goodie bag full of sparkling alt pop gems, future garage grooves, hazy folk tunes and sunshine dance jams. Contributing to 4 stunning songs with producer Jon Tye, (Lo Recordings, Cascine)  & Berlin based US producer Paul Bonomo, Permanent Vacation.

Listen and Stream Here: Eat a Peach


Blank & Jones team up with the Amity Isle collective for the sundrenched beautiful melancholic summer tune "Last Summer". Perfect soundtrack für summer cruisin to the beach and those cocktail hours after a sunny day.

Listen and Stream Here: 

David Harks

The Mega City Disco Cowboy brings a supercharged proto-funk cocktail disco set to splurge up the senses. Astro-cosmic country Sunshine Cowboy can be heard populating the satellite cocktail lounge jukeboxes of internal hopper flights, as they follow the ooze of fluro trails at night. The Aggregator defines the sound of screen-lit sub ‘o’ tonic alien love suites across the eastern sub-sector, providing energy to light the public engagement authority churches. Rainbow sub-pop island within the city, ‘State of the Art’ provides a calm sense of androgynous universalism for the populous, delivered smoothly by the Mega City Disco Cowboy. As we ride through the night we are met with ‘The Dawn’ a progressive rock-inspired disco expression, charged with humanism, gospel bass lines, mutant expression, and joy.

Listen and Stream Here:

Psyche Indie Pop

Cool and cosmic psych indie pop trip-out with a summery, spacey afterglow!  A selection of soft superb glistening psych goodness Now licensable by the Home Of Happy.

Click Image for a listen.


Sunset Pop

Six beautiful songs with 4 unique voices, set to sip over a Sunset in the Balearics. Written in cooperation with Home Of Happy Production Music Company, available to license via BMG. Vocals, producer and label coordination provided by Amity.

Listen here and enjoy!

Production Music ALERT 🚨

1st Producer Series | Retro Indie Beats

Kompakt EP with Indie Sonics

Unique experimental electronic elements, using analog synthesis, electric bass/guitar, and dusty crate digger finger pickin’ soundscapes. All using original recordings and samples. This new record takes charge with strong piano/keys ear-catching lead melodies and lo-fi 90’s beat-cut inspiration. Charming the listener across melancholy moods, and upbeat tempos.

Perfect for an ambient Mars Rover Breakdance Session.

Written by
Alex Fitts & David Sanderson.

Available for license via Indie Sonics.


David Harks - State of the Art

An ode to ’80s-inspired prototype pop perfection. A journey through cosmically memorable nostalgic sound color-ways, smooth vocal layering, and positive memory-driven synthesis. State Of The Art tells the tale of admiration for the beauty of androgyny, the Universal. Technicolor light permeates beautifully through an array of non-divisible emotive color spectrums, the dream-like message of the song is driven by a simple drum machine, arps, and synthesizer magic. 


Indie Hipster - The Home of Happy BMG

Peter Cattermoul is better known as one third of indie pop outfit Teleman (Moshi Moshi Recordings). Producing six catchy Indie, grooving guitar lead synth-pop ear-worms suitable for charming youthful teen-driven dramas. Vocals and lyrics David Sanderson, production, composition Peter Cattermoul. Soft Indie Hits citing The Inbetweeners, Derry Girls, Ackley Bridge, Sex Education, Never Have I Ever, Riverdale as references, fun and upbeat but also authentic sounding pop with a soft fuzzy touche, most def Hipster.

Listen & License Here

Blue Horizons - Lo Editions UPPM

Lo-fi downtempo hip hop and electronica with jazz infused sounds and influences plus a little bit of summer breakbeat to brighten your day. Upbeat, warm and inviting music for summer and beyond. Expand your horizons and dive in.

4 tracks provided by the Amity Crew.

Seb Warshaw, Hugo Palka, David Sanderson

Listen & License Here

Blank  Jones - Drive Feat. Amity Isle | 20th May 2022

Returning with another superb soft summer soundtrack. Amity Partners Blank & Jones deliver Drive this time with Amity Isle. A beautifully driven dusk number for the senses. 

Available also via Apple in Spatial Sound | Dolby Atmosphere.

As feat. on Spotify's Nu- Disco Playlist | Position 4

Listen Here:

Lyric Writing, Vocal Recording & Production by Amity.

Published by Amity Editions.

Space Whisper - Bocca Featuring Margo Sanda

One year ago, when I was at the very beginning of the relationship with my partner, I wrote a short note on a very tiny notebook saying in Italian: I could also fall asleep in your mouth.I think it was one of the first very rare occasions where I managed to have a full night of sleep while sharing bed with them. This problem was very bad, it was causing me frustration, confusion and of course exhaustion. I couldn't figure out why the beauty of the moments I was spending with a person that I love couldn't go together with the relaxing status of falling asleep.The lyrics of the song "Bocca" are born from this contrasting feeling. The love for a person and the pain from not being able to fall asleep next to them - Margo Sanda

Photo Credits: Asiyat Gamzatova

Space Whisper Safer Moves Album Feat. Margo Sanda Out 04/29/2022

Recorded in one singular day the basis of the elements of the album are further explored and extended into a full-length journey using early precious recordings. Each journey unlocks a memory box of melodic emotion. For the first time introducing a vocal pallet to the magical world of Space Whisper, Margo Sanda heralds pure beauty across Bocca, revealing audio silences that summon the listener to follow Space Whisper out into the swamp. Laid across emotive sound pallets of synthesis the album follows footings to unchartered ancient lands. Melodic ambient and at points classical in its approach, like its predecessor's utilities cycles of surreal repetition, calming waves of discordance that heighten the senses. Layers of harmony are often shunned by sharp textures glistening in the lake. A beautiful third album that captures free-falling performances coupled with intentional sound design taking us further into the Space Whisper underworld.

Bandcamp | Youtube | Spotify | Link

Space Whisper - Ageless Child [Video]

Space Whisper takes us on a journey through unparalleled realms of gong and synthesis as both worlds collide. A sonic collision embroiled in birth, purism, and consciousness. Each track provokes visual imagery for the listener to create a unique and specialist soundtrack for the mind and imagination. Ideal for meditation, relaxation, cosmic ceremonies or to accompany the creation of artwork perhaps, this ambient collection of work inspires the listener to take a journey of self-discovery. Caution - Advisory Warning! 

This record has been created to merge universes and heighten interplanetary sensory experiences. Any creatures or creations discovered during your listening experience must be acknowledged by you and you alone. We take no responsibility for the discoveries you will make, journeys you may have to travel and lifeforms you will encounter. Presence is the first full-length record to be released via Amity Recordings. A home for artists, songwriters, and audio authors. Amity, which means friendly relations, focuses on delivering select works that span the realms of unique songs to ambient recordings and all that orbits with quality in between.

Listen Here

late night LOFI

Kicking off with some 'late night lofi'. 🌆

Laid back late night lofi songs, that cruise the cosmic highway. Six beautifully crafted soulful songs that have been licensed by the great team over at Home of Happy Music. Written in Berlin by Hugo Palka & David Sanderson Hugo permanently lays down a track record of Intelligent high end quality productions and compositions for artists inclusive to Global Sensation WizTheMC. Each track carries softly lit melodies inspired by early 90's hiphop lyricism and traces of Neo Soul night drive seriousness citing The Wknd.

 Out Now via BMG.

Listen & License Here


Lo Editions 1-2-3-4 EP 

Returning with another stirring selection of hot rocks, cool vibes and high octane rock and roll. Distinctive and energetic, inventive and illustrious. Amity provided the writing and production for 3 songs on this latest Production Music EP ranging from AOR Soft Rock to 90's inspired house music. Love to Fly, Connect You and Midnight Son. Now available via the bespoke library of Lo Recordings sister label Hub 100 Publishing's 'Lo Editions' in conjunction with Universal Music's Production Library, UPPM.

Listen & License Here

Blank & Jones  Melancholy

Another Nu Disco Autumnal blissful serenade from Blank & Jones highlighting the end of Summer with 'Melancholy' sung by Berlin based artist Laura Julie Bollmann. A sensual vocal journey longing for another shot at summertime. 

Vocal placement, writing and production provided by Amity. 

Listen here on Spotify & YouTube

David Harks - Mists 

As featured in US TV Drama Station 19, 

S5 · E2 · Can't Feel My Face · 7 Oct 2021

David returns with a softly lit serenade entitled Mists. A filmic journey into blissed out lofi ambient pop, awashed with soaring harmonies and dubbed out synthesis. Produced by Rob Flynn, Mists lays out calmic indie pop energy that chugs smoothly across Rob’s detailed colourful sonic textures, crunching guitar riffs and computer game tones. A touch of glistening divinity as the lyrics preach to ‘leave it all behind’, lets hit the road and let the mysticism of life's magic lead us all astray. Layered harmonies cosmically cruise the astral highway as Harks and Flynn evoke the sound of ‘TV On The Radio.’ Slowly but surely drippin us through the track onto a metaphysical canvas, calling out to us one again to take a trip with David Harks. 

Listen Here 

El Nino Diablo 

Lunchbox Candy / Let's Get Sleazy ( The Remixes )

Berlin based El Nino Diablo works with Amity to provide this Autumns hottest reworked record, with an all star cast.

First up we have British producers Aaron Horn and Jamie Rodigan aka Crate Classics tweaking “Lunchbox Candy” into a proper massive buffet of fast-spinning DnB maximalism. Elninodiablo’s The Vata Deranged Experience remix adds his own playfully puzzle-y spin to the table with a funky tempo-shifting whirlwind of cut and re-sequenced samples bouncing in a vividly colourful maelstrom. Legendary NYC-based duo Each Other (Justin Strauss and Max Pask) deliver a dynamic roller packed with feel good vibes that’ll have you odyssey-ing your way into the greater void with panache. The Emperor Machine (Chicken Lips, Bizarre Inc, Sir Drew etc) delivers a full-on analogue all steel and circuits rework that could well be summarised as a 'robot brothel soundtrack.'

Artist RnD, curation & license agreements provided by Amity in coordination with El Nino Diablo. 

Listen Here / Watch 

Introducing: Nite Therapy

A laid back collection of downtempo nu soul pop songs. Soulful and deep with crisp beats, tight production and lush harmonies.

Now available via the bespoke library of Lo Recordings sister label Hub 100 Publishing's 'Lo Editions' in conjunction with Universal Music's Production Library, UPPM. Written by Alex Fitts aka The KickDrums (50 Cent, Kid Cudi, Freddie Gibbs, A$AP Rocky & Lana Del Rey, as well as doing remixes for Adele, Kanye West, and Linkin Park) and David Sanderson aka David Harks.

Writing, artist & publisher coordination provided by Amity.

Listen / License Here

Blank & Jones - Alone in this Rhythm

"Alone In This Rhythm“ is a modern West Coast Nu-Disco masterpiece. Featuring the vocal talents of Berliner songstress Marie Schwab, who wistfully evokes the sentimental summer ahead of 2021. The Video was shot on the beaches of L.A. and Malibu and transports the sound of palms, sand, cocktails and a nice sea breeze right to your mind. Sounds like summer.

Vocal writing and artist cooperation provided and published by Amity Edition.

Listen Here

Rasmus Faber - Maudlin ( Call it Home ).

Feat. Joa Luna 

Rasmus Faber a name synonyms with house, disco and Jazz Music, an internationally highly regarded composer and pianist. Consistently releasing high quality organic dance music. His latest release Maudlin ( Call It Home ) is a vocal lead slice of dreamy balearic goodness..softly delivered by the glorious Polish angel 'Joa Luna'. A new comer with a stunning unique voice and delivery, based in Berlin Joa delves into the underworld of ambient music, occasionally revealing her strong ability to perform with a Stevie Nicks glisten.

 Vocal writing and artist cooperation provided by Amity Edition.

Listen Here

Rosa Ama - Night Sky 

A collaboration between Berlin-based British songwriter David Harks and Belgian producer Vhyce, Rosa Ama formed in 2019 as a studio-based production project exploring new realms of their effervescent creativity. On “Night Sky” Harks and Vhyce smoothly slow down the tempo while keeping up the energy with an anthemic sing-a-long chorus.  The track offers a plethora of warm harmonies backed by thick pulsating synths, punchy drums and uplifting guitar work. It’s a euphoric daydream with tangible implications and is one of Rosa Ama’s most impressive releases to date. 

Released via Casablanca Sunset Records

Published by Amity Edition.

Listen Here

Blank & Jones x David Harks - Purple Sands

Soft Disco Stalwarts Blank & Jones team up with David Harks for a summer poolside classic, Purple Sands. As featured in Spotify Chill Tracks and Friday Crate Diggers.

Charting at number 2 iTunes in Brazil

Vocal coordination provided by Amity.

Listen Here

Bel Tempo | Guide Me Through 

Amity Recordings & Edition.

Baltic Darlings Bel Tempo release 'Guide Me Through' a beautiful and wistful melancholic ballad for Valentines weekend. Released via Amity Recordings and Edition. 

Listen Here

Space Whisper - Presence Album

Amity Recordings & Edition.

Space Whisper take us on a journey through unparalleled realms of gong and synthesis discovery as both worlds collide. A sonic collision embroiled in birth, purism and consciousness. Each track provokes a visual imagery for the listener to create a unique and specialist soundtrack for the mind and imagination. Ideal for meditation, relaxation, cosmic ceremonies or to accompany the creation of artwork perhaps, this ambient collection of work inspires the listener to take a journey of self discovery.

Presence is the first to full length record to be released via Amity Recordings. A home for artists, songwriters and audio authors. Amity, which means friendly relations, focuses on delivering select works that span the realms of unique songs to ambient recordings and all that orbits with quality in between.

Listen Here

Margo Sanda, Amity Editions 

Amity Editions represent the work of Italian Composer Margo Sanda as a music publisher.

Margo Sanda is a music producer, songwriter and multi-media artist based in Berlin. She was born and raised in a tiny village in the mountains of North Italy.

Margo describes her music as fluid, handcrafted and unexpected. Often in a single song you find a mercurial amalgam of styles moving in space on a journey of exploration of the deepest and most hidden feelings. 

Margo Listen Here and Watch


ae inc. Krystina, 

Amity Recordings & Edition 2020 

A newly formed act ​ae inc.​ deliver the first in a strongly lit series of sensual recordings. Lying somewhere between the world of ebm and performance pop. ​ae inc.​ find vulnerability not as weakness, but as strength. Delivering a very promising first release Krystina harbours a sense of sexuality, that commands the attention of the listener to move through its evocative dark disco.

ae inc. Listen Here Read Here n Here

Rosa Ama Perfect Time, Amity Recordings 2020

Perfect Time is a softly driving reflective Nu Disco track featuring the emotive vocals of U.S artist Denitia, fresh from her collaborations with UK producer Quantic, ( Tru Thoughts, Soundway ), Denitia is an artist who thrives on reflective personal lyrical interpretations, having released a seriously strong back catalogue of ethereal songs for over a decade. Driven by the hard earned productions of Vicente aka Vhyce ( Future Disco, Boogie Angst) a washed with acid soaked arps upon tightly formed slo disco drums, chorus piano and warm moving bass lines. Perfect Time has been released in Partnership with Kitsuné Musique and Amity Recordings.

Rosa Ama Instagram Here / Press Here / Denitia Here

Bel Tempo If You Want, Amity Recordings & Edition, Autumn 2020

Bel Tempo self describes their sound as a combination of voluptuous beats and analog synthesisers with silky vocals and vibrant guitar riffs, inspired by ​Caribou,​ ​Toro y Moi,​ Jungle​ and J​ai Paul​ and at points Brit pop boys Blur. “If You Want” is as unique lyrically as it is to its musical backdrop - carefree, clever and softly spoken, Julijis’ heralds a likeness to Jamie T and David Byrne in his imagery.

Bel Tempo are the first act to release via Amity Recordings. Amity is a home for artists, songwriters and audio authors. Amity which means friendly relations focuses on delivering select works that span the realms of unique songs to ambient recordings and all that orbits with quality in between.

Press Here / Instagram Here / Stream

Leya Love Nature, Playlist Curation, Cross Platform Artist Curation.

The first virtual influencer for planet earth, art and consciousness. Leya Love captures the hearts of all ages internationally, with a soft imaginative experiential lifestyle, posting daily images of her global journey. An optimistic, mindful and gentle impressionist with an opportunity to share dedicated playlists to her fans and followers of music that represents her world and choice of musical taste ranging from Meditative to Global Electronica. 

Instagram Here

Anna Jordan, A Songs Music Publishing Signee.

An inspired Indie electronic artist working under the moniker The Allegorist has has now just signed onto the roster as a writer, producer and artist with ASongs. ASongs started back in 2005 by the Founders of Anglo Plugging / Anglo Management and Southern Fried Records and is headed up by Thomas Blackburn & Matt Graux, a forward thinking company with a hard working and open minded mentality, a roster of talents that includes; Deadly Avenger, The Emperor Machine and Hot Since 82 plus many more. 

Listen Here